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Food industry

Suerickx Industrial provides custom-made solutions to the food industry, such as specific floor systems and anti-bacterial coatings. In the milling industry, where airborne milling dust is a frequent problem, an anti-static floor is required to prevent explosion hazards. Suerickx Industrial is your specialist for industrial floors, advises you and ensures an impeccable installation of the appropriate floor in your industrial buildings.

We are a preferred applicator of BASF Construction Chemicals. In other words, you can benefit from the extensive technical assistance and knowledge of our own engineers and of the manufacturer. Based on the production process and the related hygiene hazards, Suerickx Industrial continuously complies with the applicable standards in the food industry (HACCP). We know which paint to use in cold storage cells, how to install special hygienic Ucrete floors and how to deal with concrete degradation. Suerickx Industrial has all the necessary specialist skills and adopts a specific project approach for the food industry.

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