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Horizontal barrier against rising damp

The biggest danger with rising damp? If you don’t stop it in time, mould will affect the entire wall, resulting in structural problems. Suerickx takes immediate action and stops rising damp.

Rising damp? Act quickly!

Rising damp is the result of a worn or poorly installed dampproof course between the wall and floor. Your wall then rests on a moist substrate and water can rise into your construction through hair cracks.

In case of rising damp, you need to take quick action to avoid structural problems. That is why Suerickx intervenes quickly to analyse the situation and come up with an appropriate battle plan.

Only the very best professional equipment

We inject a specially developed damp-repellent product into drill holes at the bottom of the affected wall, thus creating a watertight barrier at the bottom of the wall to prevent capillary rising damp. After curing, we also repair any damaged wall sections.