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Maintenance of your industrial roof

Preventive roof maintenance extends the life of your roof. You also save on repair costs and avoid damage to your stored goods and machines.

High-quality roof maintenance with a transparent cost calculation

Suerickx pulls out all the stops to keep your roof in an optimum condition. That is why we inspect your roof using every state-of-the-art technology, both visual and thermographic. With a clear calculation of your maintenance and repair costs, allowing you to draw up a watertight budget, with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

All inspections are performed by qualified personnel specifically trained for these jobs. They are certified in accordance with the VCA care system. We also use state-of-the-art technologies such as drone flights to enhance the quality and safety, and to keep costs low.

Roof maintenance in three steps

Our four-step plan for industrial roof maintenance guarantees an impeccable end-result:

  • Step 1: a roof specialist on site – Our specialist visits your site to listen to your wishes and ambitions, and to develop an action plan together with you.
  • Step 2: stocktaking – We map the roofs at your site and describe their condition. This will tell you exactly which surfacing materials have been used, the state they are in and their expected life. We do this using photos and video images made by thermographic cameras operated by our employees, or with an unmanned drone flight.
  • Step 3: budget overview – Based on the roof inspection, we will give you a budget overview of all inspections and renovations of your roofs for the coming years. This will allow you to draw up a budget for the maintenance and renovation of your roofs.
  • Step 4: roof maintenance – We remove dirt, clean drains and meticulously check all seams. In the winter we also remove snow and ice from your roofs, when necessary.

Cleaning and retreating roofs

Suerickx Industrial cleans and coats roofs with the original factory coating from leading roofing manufacturers. We are specialised in cleaning and retreating roofs and have special jet cleaning tools, mobile cranes and innovating methods for large roofs.

A new coating for your roof not only extends the life of the roof, but also restores it to its original appearance.
Suerickx Industrial retreats both sloping and flat roofs made of:
• corrugated iron roof sheets
• metal sheets
• tiles and shingles
• bitumen, EPDM, …

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