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A poured floor for your industrial building

Like a floor coating, a poured floor is a seamless floor system and therefore a very hygienic flooring solution for your industrial building. In addition, a poured floor is also hard-wearing, mechanically and chemically resistant, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colours (RAL/NCS).

Poured floors: highly load-resistant, sound-dampening and durable

Because of its thickness, a poured floor has a high chemical and mechanical resistance, is more durable and dampens sound even better than a floor coating. Furthermore, a poured floor can be applied very quickly.

Suerickx: specialist in epoxy and PU poured floors

  • Epoxy: Epoxy is a very hard plastic, giving an epoxy floor a higher load-bearing capacity. An epoxy floor has a compressive strength 2 to 3 times greater than that of a concrete floor.

Advantages of epoxy:

– high mechanical load thanks to its extreme hardness and solidity

– high chemical load

– highly pressure-resistant

– very hard-wearing

– resistant to permanent mechanical loads

Epoxy applications: Epoxy applications: storage spaces, technical rooms, production floors, high-traffic areas, …

  • Polyurethane: Thanks to its elasticity, a PU floor can bridge cracks. In addition, it does not discolour.

Advantages of polyurethane:

– environment-friendly solution (solvent-free – low emission values)

– contact sound dampening

– decorative applications (available in many RAL and NCS colours)

– a new colour can be quickly applied

– less sensitive to moisture

– room can be used sooner

Polyurethane applications: office spaces, hallways, cafeterias, labs, warehouses, … Robust PU poured floors for high-load production environments are also possible.

Depending on the substrate and the environment, Suerickx Industrial chooses the right floor system for you, layered in a fashion suited for your rooms and applications.