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Industrial floor coatings

An industrial coating makes your floor hard-wearing, resistant to chemicals and easy to maintain. As a coating is also applied seamlessly, dust and dirt don’t stand a chance and hygiene is enhanced. Ideal for floors in frequently used industrial buildings, where hygiene is also of the utmost importance.

Thin coating, far-reaching protection

Floor coatings are no thicker than a coat of paint. This makes such coatings suited for the floors of any industrial building. Other than cleaning and degreasing, no preparatory work is required. The coating can be quickly applied by our specialists.

A floor with a coating is easier to maintain with a mop or floor polisher. As the coating repels dirt or moisture, it also protects your floor against wear and tear and chemicals. In addition, you get to choose the colour.

Suerickx: specialised in epoxy and PU coatings

Which coating is best suited for your warehouse, workshop or production area? That depends on the substrate and load of your floor. Suerickx is familiar with the most commonly used types of floor coating:

  • Epoxy coating: epoxy resin coating for industrial buildings with relatively high chemical and mechanical loads. The coating offers additional wear resistance and protection against aggressive chemicals.
  • PU coating: polyurethane coating for industrial buildings with lower chemical and mechanical loads. The elastic properties of polyurethane allow a PU coating to bridge cracks and make it more scratch-resistant. In addition, a PU coating is UV-resistant and, consequently, does not discolour. PU is also better suited for decorative applications; as such, PU comes in many RAL and NCS colours. Other advantages of PU:

– environment-friendly solution (solvent-free – low emission values)
– contact sound dampening
– colour retention
– new colour can be quickly applied
– low moisture sensitivity
– room can be used sooner

Depending on the substrate and the environment, Suerickx Industrial chooses the right floor system for you, layered in a fashion suited for your rooms and applications.