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Perfectly finished concrete floors

A concrete floor combines the best of both worlds: a high load-bearing capacity and aesthetic added value. In addition, Suerickx installs your concrete floor anywhere in your building.

Concrete floor for new constructions and renovations

Your concrete floor can be a real eyecatcher in your new industrial building. You can finish it creatively with a distinctive colour or shade, apply an insulation layer, choose the hardness, … In any case, a concrete floor is a seamless and hygienic solution for floors in industrial buildings.

Concrete is also recommended for renovation projects: if the old floor is damaged or if its load-bearing capacity is too low, or if you change the structure of your industrial building and need a new floor.

Perfect finishing: monolithic floors

Our tip: convert your concrete floor into a monolithic floor. To do so, we will finish your polished concrete floor with steel trowels, to give it a seamless and durable smooth surface. You won’t need top flooring.

Reinforcement tailored to your building

We reinforce your concrete floor with classic steel wire or steel fibre, or with plastic (fibre reinforcement), depending on the purpose of your floor. Every reinforcement provides the floor with a different compressive strength.