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Antistatic floors protect your electronics

An electrostatic charge is a real danger on the shopfloor. That is why it is advisable to protect your electronics and system-sensitive components with an antistatic floor. Suerickx can properly and readily install it.

UCRETE antistatic floor

An antistatic floor safely removes any accumulated static electricity, so that it cannot be stored in your equipment or appliances. This helps you avoid short-circuiting, damage or even injuries to your employees.

We give your UCRETE floor a laminated structure and integrate an earthing wire in a conductive layer to dispose of the current. Of course, the top layer is non-conductive, so that your employees can safely move about and your equipment can operate voltage-free.

All the advantages of UCRETE

Your antistatic UCRETE floor also offers all the advantages of classic UCRETE floors: quick and easy installation, user comfort, high resistance to chemicals, heat and weight and immediate usage after 48 hours.