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Industrial floor specialist

What type of industrial floor are you looking for? Durable? Hard-wearing? Resistant to chemicals? Suerickx advises you and ensures an impeccable installation of the perfect floor for your industrial use.

We are a preferred applicator of BASF Construction Chemicals. In other words, you can benefit from the extensive technical assistance and knowledge of our own engineers and of the manufacturer.

Floor coatings

Sometimes a thin coat of special paint or a special coating is enough to protect your floor. Suerickx is specialised in epoxy and PU coatings.
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Poured floors

Poured floors can be applied very quickly and offer more mechanical resistance, sound dampening and durability than floor coatings, thanks to their thickness. Suerickx can install both epoxy and PU poured floors in your warehouses, production areas or office buildings.
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UCRETE floors

UCRETE is the strongest floor for industrial applications: ideal for high-load floors in the chemical and food industries.
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Antistatic floors

Your antistatic floor protects electronics against electrostatic charges. Suerickx quickly installs antistatic floors in all your buildings.
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Concrete floors

Thinking of installing a concrete floor in your new building or renovation project? Then rely on the know-how of Suerickx for installation and polishing.
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