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Façade renovation

Is your industrial façade in need of renovation? Then rely on Suerickx’s specialists. After our intervention, your façade will look like new again – regardless of its true age!

Your building lives and has to deal with external influences: acid rain, graffiti, storm and stone chippings, … Fortunately, Suerickx can repair all this damage, so that your building can retain its value.

Restoration and renovation of your façade

Depending on the need, you can contact us for:

  • Pointwork – We remove the existing joints, clean them and repoint them with new cement.
  • Anti-graffiti – We apply an invisible coating or wax to your façade which makes it easy to remove graffiti. We offer both permanent and semi-permanent systems.
  • Waterproofing – We make your stone or concrete walls water-repellent with a transparent and water-repellent impregnation, allowing your façade to breathe.

Façade painting

If you want to renew the paint on the façade of your industrial building, Suerickx is the right company for the job. We carry out your paintwork thoroughly and gradually: removal of loose plaster, grinding away and replacement of porous sections and damaged facing bricks, … Only when the substrate is shipshape again, will we start the actual painting work. Repainting sheet piles is also one of the possibilities.

Façade plastering and limewashing

Your façade cladding serves an aesthetic and technical purpose. After all, you want your building to look nice, but repel water at the same time. Our specialist consults with you on the choice for decorative plaster or limewash, and gets to work.