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Reinforcement of concrete structures

It is perfectly possible to give your concrete building a second life. Provided that you adapt the structure to the new building. Suerickx ensures the reinforcement of your concrete structure.

Concrete reinforcement

Reinforcing concrete is a good idea if you are using a concrete construction for a new purpose, or if you fear that damage may have affected the load-bearing capacity. Suerickx will visit your site and thoroughly analyse the necessary steps. Our own engineering department makes the necessary calculation and our specialised installation department ensures an impeccable finish.

State-of-the-art techniques

We use carbon laminates and reinforcing fabrics to reinforce your concrete on the outside. We then finish it with shotcrete, so that the work will be invisible and fireproof afterwards.

Suerickx has a great deal of experience with reinforcing concrete structures in industrial buildings and major constructions.