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Concrete renovation

Even the strongest and most durable concrete can suffer from structural defects, carbonation or fatigue by overload. So quick action is vital.

Repairing concrete decay

Concrete decay is the collective term for a series of problems that can arise when your concrete has been overloaded for years: corrosion of the rebar, detaching cornices, crumbling balconies, cracking façade elements, …

Suerickx removes concrete decay by cleaning the rusted reinforcement bars and applying a protective coating. Afterwards, we repair the concrete with a high-grade repair mortar.

High-quality concrete renovation

Suerickx exclusively uses its own staff to repair concrete decay. All our employees are recognised repairers and can carry out BENOR-certified work. Suerickx has a BENOR certificate for the repairs it carries out. This way you can be sure that your construction will remain ship-shape for years after our intervention.