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Concrete injection in case of structural defects

Concrete cracks are almost caused by a structural defect or overload. We can often repair such structural defects with a concrete injection.

Non-destructive concrete repair

A concrete injection means exactly what it says: we inject concrete into the cracks of your construction, repairing weak spots. If necessary, we first drill the required holes (nipples).

This approach is non-destructive: we do not need to remove large parts of the construction to carry out the repair, saving time and costs.

High-quality approach of concrete injection

Suerickx tackles concrete injection in a well-structured manner: we clean the surface and inject the agent under high or low pressure into the crack. The injection pump we use is custom-built for every project. To fill up the crack, we cover it with a watertight mortar or epoxy filler, so that the injection agent ends up in the right place.

Naturally, we finalize the injection work by concealing the spot of injection afterwards.